Countdown to a Great Job in 2021

Ten benefits of working with a staffing agency

With the new year just around the corner, job candidates across the country are preparing to put the challenges of 2020 behind them and make a fresh start in 2021. And while embarking on a job search is certainly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting.

After all, the typical job search process can be a bit exhausting, both physically and emotionally. It takes a lot of energy and perseverance to navigate the cycle of conducting research, submitting job applications, communicating with hiring managers, and getting back on your feet after you've reached a dead end. This is especially true now that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed both the hiring process and the labor market.

However, the good news is that you don't need to set out on the job search process alone. When you team up with a staffing agency, you'll have access to a team of experienced professionals who will be able to connect you with top employers in your industry and your area.

Top Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency to Find Your Next Job

Each year, millions of people gather in Times Square to count down to the New Year's Eve ball drop, which symbolizes the official start of the new year. Even though crowds will probably not be gathering in Times Square anytime soon, that doesn't mean that we can't still celebrate!

We're counting down to the new year by highlighting ten advantages of partnering with a staffing agency in 2021:

10. Less stress.

One of the most nerve-wracking elements of the job search process is knowing where, exactly, to get started. Luckily, staffing agencies can access vast networks of employers that can be leveraged to get your job search started on the right foot. This, in turn, means that you'll have much less to feel anxious about as you're getting started with your job search process.

9. Expedited hiring process.

A long and drawn-out job search process can be a serious drain on your time and resources. But fear not! Partnering with a staffing agency is a simple and reliable way to streamline your job search process and quickly get connected with top employers near you.

8. Connect with the right "culture fit."

The benefits of teaming up with a staffing agency go far beyond just finding employers who are hiring in your area. It will also enable you to identify those few employers whose professional values align closely with your own and whose workplace cultures will provide you with an optimal working environment.

7. Find flexible work options to suit your needs.

Now more than ever, it's become a top priority for many job candidates to find opportunities that will provide them with flexible work options, including the freedom to work remotely. Staffing agencies understand this, and they'll help you get connected with employers who will be able to accommodate your unique schedule, location, and personal circumstances.

6. Consider and compare multiple job openings at once.

Another challenging and time-consuming part of the typical job search process is having to consider one opportunity at a time. With the help of a staffing agency, you'll have access to various opportunities simultaneously, which will make it easier for you to choose the one that's best suited to your skills, background, experience, and goals.

5. Test the waters of a new job opportunity.

A staffing professional will be able to connect you with temporary and contract-to-hire job opportunities, which will enable you to get a feel for your new employer before you sign-on to anything full-time or long-term.

4. Gain constructive feedback.

A staffing agency is more than just a resource for finding new job opportunities; it's also a group of professionals who specialize in working with job candidates to optimize their job application processes and materials. A staffing agency will work closely with you to polish your resume and cover letter and sharpen your communication and interviewing skills.

3. Access to a wider range of opportunities.

Frequently, employers will be looking to fill roles that have not yet been posted to their company website or advertised through an online job board. A staffing agency will be able to connect you with these easily overlooked job opportunities, which can ultimately provide you with a much broader range of options to choose from.

2. Personalized career advice.

It's often the case that job candidates don't know exactly what they're looking for in their next job. They may have a vague idea, but they lack a concrete vision of the ideal workplace culture, benefits package, or types of responsibility that they're after at this particular point in their career. When you partner with a staffing agency, they'll help you clarify your goals, articulate your priorities, and identify those positions that will be a perfect next step in your career.

1. It's free.

Last - but certainly not least - partnering with a staffing agency comes with the added benefit of being free of charge for job candidates. You'll gain access to a wide network of top employers in your industry without having to worry about breaking the bank!

Get a Head Start on Your 2021 Job Search!

Are you looking to start 2021 on the right foot by getting connected with exciting job opportunities in your area? If so, contact a qualified staffing agency today to find out everything you'll need to get started!