Tired of Playing the Field?

Finding the right opportunity -- with a great employer -- can feel a lot like a bad dating game.

Especially if you're not working with the right staffing agency!

If you're ready to stop "playing the field" when it comes to your career, here's how to find "Mr. or Mrs. Right" (i.e., the perfect job opportunity) -- by choosing the employment agency that's right for you:


Staffing firms are as unique as the job seekers they serve:

  • Some are highly focused, placing people only in a single industry or field (e.g., IT staffing companies or nursing employment agencies).
  • Some specialize in an organizational level across industries, such as professional staffing firms that place senior-level executives (e.g., CEOs, vice presidents and director-level opportunities).
  • Other staffing agencies are "generalists," serving the needs of a broad range of employers and job seekers (e.g., a staffing service that places administrative, light industrial, HR, accounting and IT workers in all types of organizations).

Consider your background, your field and your career goals. Research the employment agencies serving your market to develop a list of potentials that may be able to help you.


Do you prefer a more personalized approach or are you comfortable with a more standard style? Determine what type of communication style is right for you before evaluating employment agencies.

Would receiving generic email messages be fine with you, or do you need communications that are more tailored? Neither approach is right or wrong; it's all about how you feel. One person may view email templates as a way for agencies to save time and be efficient, while another person may feel disheartened at the lack of customization.

Communication is key when working with an employment agency. Make sure you know what style you need from them to feel comfortable, or you risk ongoing frustrating situations. If your initial inquiries don't seem to mesh well with your style, don't be afraid to keep researching.

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Employment agencies and candidates should ideally have a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship. You are helping one another to achieve reciprocal goals: They assist you in finding the right job opportunity, while you help them fill a client's staffing or hiring request.

The candidate-employment agency relationship is a collaboration. Be honest with yourself -- what do you need in order to feel comfortable working as a team? Think clearly about your expectations so you can pick an agency that best aligns with you.

Factors to think about when considering what kind of service you're looking for include:

  • Response time -- Is time of the essence in your search, or are you willing to wait for the perfect opportunity?
  • Level of guidance -- Are you an experienced job seeker, or do you need a lot of beginner-level assistance?
  • Attention to detail -- Would you be comfortable repeating details, or would it discourage your trust?
  • Professionalism -- Are you okay with a more laid-back, casual style or do you prefer a more conservative, ultra-professional approach?


An employment agency that has a more in-depth and personalized registration process may be the best fit if you have special circumstances, such as:

  • Resume gaps
  • Reentry into the workforce
  • Desire for career change

This approach would give you the chance to explain your circumstances in more detail so the agency can get to know your unique needs. An agency that asks lots of questions would likely be the best fit.

On the other hand, if your experience and objectives are pretty straightforward (e.g., you have multiple years of experience and are looking for a better job in the same field), a hassle-free, streamlined approach may work better for you.

Decision Making

Can you make quick choices, or do you need some time to think things over, ask questions and weigh your options first?

Being aware of your personal decision-making style will help you pick out an employment agency that is the best match. People who make quick decisions wouldn't have a problem with an agency that requests speedy responses to job offers, while a more methodical decision maker may feel pressured.

When evaluating agencies, request more information regarding their placement process and typical timelines to ensure they match your decision-making style.

Final Thoughts

Job seekers have different backgrounds, goals, communication styles, service preferences and decision-making inclinations. Take the time to evaluate an employment agency's approach in each of these areas -- and ensure they're a good match for your needs. Having an employment agency you can trust to be reliable and respectful may be the final push on your path to job success!

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