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Sept. 2014

Are Performance Reviews Dead?
Are Performance Reviews Dead?
Cascading goals. Pay for performance. Sophisticated appraisal software. If you're still buying into these, your organization may be due for a performance overhaul.
More Companies are Cutting HR -- and it's a bad idea

More Companies are Cutting HR -- and it's a bad idea

It's understandable why some management teams cut HR, but it's even more obvious why it's a poor choice for most companies.

Long Live HR!

What's Hot in Workforce Management?

An online survey of 500 HR managers gives insight into the biggest hiring challenges of 2014 -- and how to tackle them head-on.

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More Companies are Cutting HR -- and it's a bad idea

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Blog Highlights

The Ultimate Guide To Fighting Procrastination
Even when you have a mountain of work or a pages long to-do list, it can be hard to get started. It's so much easier to procrastinate -- even if it destroys your productivity. But whether you need to remove all distractions, take a walk, or revisit your daily goals, there's bound to be a productivity hack to help you get motivated. In honor of National Fight Procrastination Day on September 6, we've gone through the BI archives to find the best insights on how to beat procrastination and maximize productivity.

Click here for 20 essential tips for getting more done. >>

Three Adventurous Reasons to Exercise at Work
Many of us probably spend our days sitting down all day long, with hardly ever enough time to focus on taking care of our personal well-being. There are all kinds of reasons as to why there's not enough time to take care of ourselves. Some people spend long hours at the office, then a long commute home, which can crush the kind of motivation you need to work up a sweat at your local gym. Other people have their evenings occupied raising children and weekend projects. Whatever the case, finding time to break a sweat is good for us. In fact, building up a good sweat at the gym can improve creativity for up to two hours afterwards. Still, how does someone find the motivation to exercise?

Whether you're battling lack of motivation to exercise or lack of time, you need to think about what sitting down at work all day is doing to your life. Research has shown that every day we spend sitting down at work costs us 2.5 hours of our lifespan. When we sit for six hours a day, it means we'll live 4.8 years less. And goodness, do we spend a decent amount of time sitting down at work. But those who find time to be active get to reap the benefits of productivity. A recent study found that employees who spend 2.5 hours per week being physically active experience increased satisfaction with the quantity and quality of their work. They also take less sick time versus other employees who do not engage in physical activity.

Click here for three adventurous reasons to exercise at work. >>
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