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August 2016


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Turn a Pink Slip into a Pot of Gold

Turn a Pink Slip into a Pot of Gold

Been Fired? Use this step-by-step process to find a new (better) job. Fast!

Just Graduated? Here's How to Rise to the Top of the Pack

Just Graduated? Here's How to Rise to the Top of the Pack

The graduation caps have been thrown, picked up and packed away. Now what?!? The actions you take early in your career determine whether you become a leader or a follower; use these five lessons to make sure your proverbial "scenery" changes.

Don't Work Hangry!

Don't Work Hangry!

Most of us become irritable, distracted, even downright nasty when we're hungry (and that's not good for ANYBODY). Stop "hanger" in its tracks to stay happy, focused and productive on the job.


Orbit, Stride and Interview Success

Researchers from St. Lawrence University found that gum chewing improves working memory, episodic memory and general information-processing speed. Chewing also gets blood flowing to the head and "wakes up" your brain, making it easier to focus.

  1. Chewing a stick before a big interview:
    • may help you remember key talking points
    • may reduce stress that could undermine your performance
    • definitely freshens your breath
  2. Just make sure you throw your gum away before meeting your interviewer!


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