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December 2016


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Find the Right Job WITHOUT Big Job Boards

Find the Right Job WITHOUT Big Job Boards

Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed are flooded with jobs, but they're not the only game in town. Use these techniques to uncover amazing work opportunities -- including ones you won't find on those big job boards.

Ready to Move Up? Then Make Yourself Uncomfortable.

Ready to Move Up? Then Make Yourself Uncomfortable.

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is a difficult, but necessary, step in growing your career. Here's how to stretch yourself and reach new heights in 2017.

See More Green in 2017: Smart Personal Finance Resolutions

See More Green in 2017: Smart Personal Finance Resolutions

Save more. Spend less. Yeah, but HOW?! This handy guide explains how to make smart changes (and avoid missteps) so you can brighten your financial future in the year ahead.


When You're Completely Stumped

What should you do when your interviewer lobs a question that completely baffles you? Try not to panic, and use one of these tips:

  1. Acknowledge how tough a question it is to answer and that you'd like a moment to think about it (this will give you a few seconds to collect your thoughts).
  2. Verbalize your stream of consciousness. Much of the time, the interviewer asks a "zinger" question to see how you handle the stress -- and the thought process you use to arrive at your answer. Use transitional words (i.e., first, next, finally) to organize your response.
  3. Shift your response. If you have no idea how to answer, try redirecting or relating your response to something you do know about (e.g., if you're asked about tech skills you don't have, shift the conversation to your desire to learn new skills).
  4. Have a backup. Keep a short, general phrase (e.g., I'm not really familiar with "X" yet, but I'm excited to learn more about it.) in your "back pocket" to use in an emergency situation. Then, use it as a reason to follow up. For example, you could say you plan to do some research on "X" after the interview; then send an email with your thoughtful response to the hiring manager.
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