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September 2017


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Job Offers Go to These Candidates. 100% of the Time.

Job Offers Go to These Candidates. 100% of the Time.

Candidates who do these things always land the offer. Who the heck are they, and more importantly, how can you become one?

You Want Me to Do WHAT?!?

You Want Me to Do WHAT?!?

New job not what you expected? Assignment supervisor asking you to do something completely different from what your recruiter described? It happens. Here's how to handle the situation the right way -- so you're safe, happy and successful on the job.

Find Stillness

Choose Gratefulness

Whether you're an executive, a line worker or anything in between, gratefulness is a highly overlooked and undervalued component of success. Here are 10 habits you can start forming today to improve your outlook.


Upcoming Phone Interview?

Have these at your fingertips:

  1. Your resume. Highlight important dates, accomplishments and other talking points, so you can find them easily.
  2. The employer's website. Have it pulled up in a browser, in case the interviewer directs you to it during the call.
  3. Your email program. The interviewer may send you documents during or at the end of the call; make sure you have them before you hang up.
  4. A pen and paper (for obvious reasons).
  5. Your interviewer's LinkedIn profile. If the situation warrants it, ask if you can connect with the interviewer via LinkedIn. Send the request before you end the call to confirm receipt.
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