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August 2018


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Get Hired.
Getting Hired Isn't Hard

Recruiters Want Resumes Like They Want Their Bread

Fresh! But if your resume contains any of these elements, you may just be serving up a loaf-sized crouton.

Get Ahead.
Getting Hired Isn't Hard

Fifty Shades of Career Growth?

Trying to find your first job? Ready to move up the ladder? Ditch those romance novels and beach reads in favor of one of these career-building page-turners.

Live Better.
Getting Hired Isn't Hard

Tackling Procrastination Pitfalls

I'll work out...tomorrow. I'll start reading that career growth book...right after I check Instagram. Sound familiar? If you're prone to procrastination, here are four actions you can take to get the ball rolling on any endeavor.

Interview Tip of the Month: Take the Water

If your interviewer offers you a glass of water, take it -- even if you're not thirsty! Here's why:

  1. It's polite. Accepting it starts the interview on a positive note and gives you a chance to say, "Yes, please," as well as, "Thank you." These are small, yet important phrases that display your manners and instantly build rapport.
  2. It's a prop that can buy you time. If the interviewer throws you a curveball, you can take a moment to grab a sip of water while you formulate your answer to a tough question.
  3. Your mouth might actually get dry. Thirty minutes into an interview, you don't want to be that person whose tongue gets cemented to the roof of their mouth.
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