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Oct. 2014

Are Performance Reviews Dead?
Candidate LOVE
Unemployment is on the decline. Competition for the best candidates is on the rise. Now more than ever, it's essential to treat every candidate well! Make these simple changes to your recruiting process -- and make a big impact on your results.
Treat Candidates Well
More Companies are Cutting HR -- and it's a bad idea

HR Blog Watch: 25 Ways Your HR Department is Quietly Killing Its Credibility -- and What You Can do About it

A list of 25 silent credibility killers of HR departments, that operate so subtly that you may not even know they exist!

Save Your Credibility

Simplify Your Life: Leave Work at Work!

Having trouble unwinding at the end of the day? Use these tips to disconnect, recharge and really enjoy your time away from work.

Give Us a Call
More Companies are Cutting HR -- and it's a bad idea

Struggling with recruiting? Alkar Human Resources can make your search shorter and more cost-effective. Give us a call to learn how!


Blog Highlights

11 Things Your Employees Want You to Tell Them Every Day

Most businesses are busier than ever, and as the boss, it's easy to forget to regularly take some time out to inspire or lift up your employees. Your people will really appreciate it, and they'll be happier and more productive as a result.

Click here for 11 things that your employees want you to tell them. >>

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Burnout typically affects people who are highly committed to their work and effective in their jobs. I don't have to tell you the bad news about burnout -- it's common knowledge.

Burnout may show up as exhaustion, annoyance, and irritation, or as a lack of focus, inability to work for extended periods of time, and a tendency to question and cancel everything in sight. You may notice that you're not eating or sleeping well and that your relationships and effectiveness are suffering.

Here are a few tips to keep burnout at bay. >>
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