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Slideshow: Feeling Overworked? Here's What to Do About It

With hiring on the upswing, and a whole host of new compliance and benefits issues (thanks to the PPACA), HR's job has become more demanding than ever. If you find yourself feeling overburdened or stressed out, use these tips to effectively broach the tricky subject of job burnout with your boss.
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Temporary Employees are a Growing Feature of the Economy
From a corporate perspective, there are many reasons to utilize temporary workers. It can be far more efficient to hire the numbers you need precisely when you need them, rather than staffing up for the busy times and having excess workers without enough to do. Decades ago, "just-in-time" inventory management techniques changed the way manufacturing operations worked. The idea was to only buy and keep on hand the input parts needed right away, rather than spending money to purchase and store vast stockpiles of materials. Temp workers are a similar concept, which some people are calling a "just-in-time workforce." Improving corporate efficiency is a good thing, enhancing competitiveness in world markets and ensuring long-term viability.

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Hiring Managers Misuse (and Misunderstand) Facebook
But employers should think twice before using Facebook to screen candidates. Hiring managers may think they are using this great new technology to get a "natural" view of potential employees. That may be tempting, says J. William Stoughton, co-author of the NC State study. But there's a hidden variable: Facebook profiles are highly curated. People who post things employers may find inappropriate are presenting their lives to appeal to peers. That's not necessarily an accurate data stream to gauge a person's work ethic.

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