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Hire People Who Can't Do the Job (Yet)
The upside to hiring for potential >>
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HR Blog Watch:
The Kiss of Death in HR

What's the quickest way to derail your HR career?

Find out here.
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Infographic: What Makes Your Employees Happiest?

It's not necessarily more money.
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Simplify Your Life: 25 Ways to Make Your Job Easier

Better time management, more organization, a little fun, and less stress all contribute to a better working environment. The more you enjoy going to work, the easier your job will become!

Make it easy!
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Trouble finding experienced talent? We can help!

Alkar Human Resources proactively recruits to maintain a group of skilled people, ready to perform when you need them most. Call us with last-minute needs or hard-to-fill positions.
The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers
Companies are often hesitant to hire temporary workers for fear these workers will turn out to be lazy, unproductive, unqualified or unskilled. What employers need to realize is that today's temporary workers are actually highly qualified, skilled individuals who have a strong work ethic and take pride in their work.

In addition to providing high-quality work and diverse skills, temporary workers offer other major benefits. Click here to see what they are. >>

Why You Can Never Finish Anything And How to Finally Change It
"Not everything is meant to be finished, but many of us have a boatload of projects that have been relegated to a kind of purgatory of incompletion." But when it comes specifically to the matter of finishing what we've started, why do we often hit a block? "For chronic procrastination, this is not an issue of time management. You can't manage time. You manage yourself," says Joseph Ferrar, professor of psychology at DePaul University. To better manage yourself, you need to know why it is you're not completing what you've started in the first place. Ferrari attributes this resistance to three specific causes.

Click here to see why you aren't finishing your projects. >>
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