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50 Second Solutions
Can You Handle the Truth?

You have to -- if you want to succeed in HR. Here's how to get the honest feedback you need to truly improve your performance and move ahead.

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Technology Time-Suck
Simplify Your Life:
Shoulders Hunched? Brow Furrowed? Mind Racing?

Instead of reaching for the Advil and a cup of coffee, use these simple meditation techniques to clear your head and relax your body.

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Featured Webinar

Putting the Fun Back in Performance Reviews (No, Really.)
August 5, 1 PM EDT

For many leaders, the performance review process has been so institutionalized that it no longer brings value to the leader or the employee. Performance reviews become viewed as a task that just takes up time or as simply a method for "documenting" poor behavior or "justifying" a raise. So, we come to dread them instead of viewing them as what they could be: meaningful growth conversations.

In this webinar, leaders will learn how to maximize the performance review process by making it a conversation that is productive and beneficial for both the leader and the employee.

Following this webinar, attendees will:

  • Take steps to prepare themselves and their employees before the review
  • Turn routine performance reviews into conversations focused on the employee's growth
  • Provide feedback with care and candor
  • Leave the webinar with a sample performance review guide that spurs in-depth conversations and gets results

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7 Phrases That Can Undermine Your Success
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Paying attention to communication means paying attention to language and thinking about the effect of your words -- especially words and phrases that could undermine your reputation and compromise your influence.

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