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50 Second Solutions
Yikes! What does your team REALLY think of you?

Whether you're in HR or not, you can use Alan Collins' anonymous employee survey to discover how your team truly feels about you.

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Technology Time-Suck
Simplify Your Life: Too Much to Do, Not Enough Time?

Does each day leave you feeling overwhelmed -- and like you've fallen short, yet again? Use this two-step process to simplify, let go and feel better about yourself at day's end.

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Too much to do -- and not enough time to get it done, Reader? Offload non-essential or repetitive activities to qualified temporaries from Alkar Human Resources -- and reclaim more productive time.

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8 Ways to Use Emotional Intelligence to
Increase Your Success

Most leaders have been taught to ignore their emotions as well as the emotions of their co-workers. If you were taught that, it’s got to be tough for you. In today’s work world, you achieve success when you learn how to deal with people.

Use these tips to improve emotional intelligence. >>

4 Ways to Combat Negative Office Gossip

A study from The Creative Group found that 63 percent of executives believe office gossip has a negative effect on the workplace. Negative office gossip can spread misinformation, breeding paranoia and resentment, and driving down employee engagement and productivity in the process.

Use these tips to control the spread of negative gossip. >>


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