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November 2014


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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Bridging the Gap
(your employment gap, that is)

Don't let a lapse in your work history knock you out of contention. Here are 11 ways to proactively address your employment gap -- and get hired.


Job Hopping the RIGHT Way is Good for Your Career

Job Hopping the RIGHT Way is Good for Your Career

Job hopping used to be career suicide, but oh how times have changed. Many employers now accept -- even expect -- job hopping. Here's how to do it the right way -- and get ahead.


Simplify the Holidays

Simplify the Holidays

Skip the rush and enjoy your holidays more. Here's how.

Interview Tip of the Month

Interview Flop? Here's How to Get Past it

Interview Flop? Here's How to Get Past it

Recent research shows that human memory is more like video editing than playback, and that memories are subject to change every time you recall them.

So if you've had a rough interview experience that's undermining your confidence, you can actually re-memorize it to make it less traumatic -- and get your interviewing mojo back:

  • Bring the memory to your mind and picture it getting smaller and more faint (playing back on a smartphone that's moving away from you).
  • Add details that jumble the memory. For example, turn your interviewer into a cartoon character and transform the meeting room into the inside of a candy store.
  • Repeat this process several times and the bad interview simply won't matter as much to you. It might even make you chuckle, because you have literally and physically rewired your brain!

Feeling like your past employment mistakes and interview blunders are hindering your current job search? Give Alkar Human Resources a call.

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